What is iClebo Visionary Mapping System Technology?
iClebo Visionary Mapping System Technology using camera to map the layout of your room, it captures 20 shots per second of the ceiling and wall to gives the robot the layout of a room so it can create a map of the room, detecting walls, doorways, furniture and other obstacles. With the mapping system, the iClebo carefully avoids most obstacles that other robots can only detect by impact. In some cases, if it doesn’t see an object, it will lightly bump into it.
What is “intelligent cleaning”?
The iClebo maps its surroundings in a room and determines the doorways when first analyzing a room. It determines the best path to take and starts cleaning the area by using a methodical back and forth straight-line pattern to complete the interior. It follows this method, cleaning your house from hall to hall, room to room.
What are the benefits of the methodical straight-line cleaning of the iClebo versus the random bounce-around cleaning of other robots?
By using a methodical straight-line path to clean, iClebo ensures there will be complete floor coverage in a timely manner. Since it can cover the floor in one pass, the iClebo vacuum-cleaning robot can use more of its energy with stronger suction power for its vacuum as compared to other bounce-around robots.
What type of surfaces does iClebo work on?
iClebo works on all types of floor surfaces including carpet, marble, granite, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, and tile.
How loud is the iClebo?
The iClebo sound is only 60db.
What type of debris does the cleaning robot pick up?
The iClebo picks up normal household debris: dirt, pet hair, cereal, dust, etc.
How do I set up my iClebo?
First we recommend that you plug in your charging base and place your vacuum on the charging base to do its initial charge. Aside from that, there is no complex set up. Once the status light turns solid green on the vacuum, just press the POWER follow by START/PLAY button and your iClebo will begin mapping and analyzing the room and start cleaning.
Optimizing your house before using your iClebo for the first time

Customers often mention that when they buy a cleaning robot, they do a little “optimizing” of their home so that the cleaning robot can do a great job cleaning their home. Some items include:

  • Tidy up your rooms before cleaning. Some customers mention putting away cat toys, socks, loose cords, turning area rug tassles under their rugs, etc. Some customers even go so far as to put a box under the middle of their bed or piece of furniture if it sags in the middle so that the robot won’t get stuck.
  • If you find that the robot does not fit behind a piece of furniture or plant that you would like it to vacuum, sometimes it is easy to move items a few inches so that you get the cleaning job done the way you like.
Where should I locate my charging base so that the robot will find its charging base consistently?
The charging base should be placed up against a wall near a power plug receptacle. The base needs to be located at least 3 feet away from a corner in a room and it must have approximately 3 feet of open space in front of it for the docking maneuver to work. The charging base should not be hidden behind furniture or in a hard to access closed off area. You will get the most success by locating it in a room where the robot has a good view of the charging base from various points in the room. Also, please do not locate the charging base in an area with a high level of direct sunlight.
How to get best cleaning results?
  • Empty the Dirt Bin after every cleaning
  • Clean your brush of debris
  • Periodically dust off your drop sensors
Do not pick up and move the robot to another room during a cleaning cycle
We recommend that you never pick up and move your robot mid-cleaning cycle unless it gets caught on something. If you pick the iClebo up and move it to another room during a cleaning cycle, the robot will become confused and will not be able to finish its cleaning job. If you need to move it to clean another room for any reason, cancel the current cleaning job, move it to the room you want it to be cleaning, and press START to begin a new cleaning cycle.
How do I start my iClebo vacuum?
Press the START/PLAY button with remote control to begin cleaning your floors. If the LCD is not lit, press the POWER button once to wake up the iClebo and then START/PLAY button to start the robot cleaning.
How long will the robot clean for? How large of an area will it cleans?
Several factors affect how much area the robot can clean. First, the robot can clean more hard floor surface space than carpeted floors on one battery charge. Second, it also depends on how much furniture is in a room. On average, the robot can clean 3-4 rooms with hard floors and 2-3 rooms with carpeted floors.
What is suspended cleaning mode?
If you start the robot cleaning and it runs low on battery power, it will attempt to return to its charging base to recharge. When your iClebo is charged up again, the robot will return to where it left off to finish cleaning. If the robot runs low on battery again during cleaning, it will one more time go back to its charging base, recharge, and then return to where it left off and finish cleaning. The iClebo remembers all of the maps of the area it has cleaned and knows what it has left to clean.
What is Room Analyzer?
When the vacuum is started, the iClebo comes off of its base and starts exploring the room. When doing this, it determines where the doorways and other exits are and where the walls and furniture are located. The iClebo vacuum then determines the best cleaning path to use to clean the room.
Will the iClebo clean under all of my furniture?
The iClebo is about 10cm tall. The iClebo can clean under any furniture higher than 10cm tall.
What do I do if I want my upstairs cleaned?
If you usually keep your unit on your main floor, but you want to have it clean upstairs, just carry it to your 2nd floor and place on the floor and press START button. It will clean that floor for you and when complete will return to its starting point. You can also choose to buy a second base unit so you can automatically charge it upstairs or downstairs.
How does the iClebo vacuum charge? Is it capable of automatically going back to its charge station?
Yes. If the iClebo discovers the base while cleaning, it will return to base to charge when it is done cleaning or needs charging. If the vacuum does not start from the base while cleaning, the vacuum will return to where it originally started its cleaning effort.
What if the iClebo runs out of battery during a cleaning run?
If the iClebo runs low on battery power while cleaning a room, it will return to base during the cleaning cycle, recharge for a minimum of 120 minutes, and then return to finish cleaning where it left off. It will make sure there is some overlap from where it left off ensuring full floor coverage.
How long will the battery last?
The iClebo will run for approximately 120 minutes depending on the floor type it is being used on. It runs longer on hard floors and a little less on carpeted floors.
Can I move things in the room while the robot is cleaning the floors?
We recommend that you don’t move objects while the robot is cleaning. If a person or animal walks in a room, or a bag is set down in the room, the robot should be able to recognize that and clean around it. However, if you start moving the furniture in a room in a significant way, the robot could become confused.
How do you empty the dirt out of the iClebo?

You have easy access to the dirt bin. Follow these steps:

  • Remove the dirt bin from the top of the vacuum
  • Remove the dustbin door from the dirt bin
  • Empty the debris into a garbage can
  • Close the dustbin door from the dirt bin
  • Put back the dirt bin into the top of the vacuum.

We recommend that you empty your dirt bin after each cleaning cycle.

Can the filter be washed?
No, we advise not to wash the filter. You can just dust it to clean it. However. Some people also use a hand vac to clean the filter instead.
How do I clean the drop sensors?

The drop sensors detect precipices like stairs and ledges so that the robot will avoid that area. If you need to clean the drop sensors, follow these steps:

  • Turn your vacuum upside down.
  • Use a Q-tip and insert it into the drop sensor window area.
  • Lightly clean the surface with the Q-tip.
  • You can also use a can of pressurized air to clean them by blowing the dust off.